Is Your Bank Too Fat?

Natalie Brooke had a great blog, “Is Your Bank Too Fat?“. “Complacency,” “low activity” and “aversion to change” are a few characteristics that can cause unwanted weight gain. In the financial world, many banks and credit unions fall into the same rut by “doing business the way we’ve always done it.”


ATM Managed Services, outsourcing ATMs, is a different idea to most financial institutions. During the recent economic crisis, most FIs approached their existing vendors and asked to renegotiate their contracts and pricing – lower this charge or waive this fee. But, few considered outsourcing their ATMs and taking advantage of another company’s expertise and buying power to help improve efficiency ratios and lower expenses.

Natalie talks about “asking those in the trenches, your employees, for their ideas on reforming processes, improving efficiency, and increasing overall profitability“. If you ask these people about managing ATMs, almost every one of them says that it is the lowest priority that takes the most resources.  ATMs are simply not part of a bank’s or credit union’s core competency any more. They are now focusing on adding new commercial accounts, generating more loans, mobile banking, EMV, Apple Pay; and, the list goes on.

Remaining competitive is not just having the “fastest, coolest, whiz-bang thingy”. It also requires you to do it profitably. So when looking to “trim a little fat”, it is going to take a little change.

Paul Albright
An industry leader in the payments space, Paul Albright is Executive Vice President of Outsource ATM. 
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Troy LeBlanc
President & CEO of Outsource ATM, Troy LeBlanc has been helping financial institutions address their ATM needs for almost 20 years.
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